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Legislative process and AIAS

AIAS systematically collects information on legislative initiatives and intentions, and often acts as an advisory body when defining them. It co-organizes events in order to find the necessary solutions and opens expert discussions on these topics.

In the formal legislative process AIAS participates as a legitimate and relevant participant. One of the tools used in such process is the "Legislative and Information Portal Slov-Lex “, where all ministries and state institutions introduce their amendments to the law and receive proposals for changes from stakeholders. The legislator evaluates submitted comments in the legislative procedure and AIAS takes part in the “dispute clearance procedure” with the aim to achieve acceptance of its proposal or find a consensus.

AIAS continues to monitor the legislation further during the meeting of the consultant body of the government the Economic and Social Council of the Government of the Slovak Republic, afterwards in the Legislative Council of Government and in the meeting of the Government. AIAS also follows the proposal in the National Council of the Slovak Republic and its Committees until the publication in the Collection of Laws.

AIAS also actively follows legislation processes in the relevant EU bodies and regularly involves and contributes to European Commission expert consultations. AIAS communicates within the Transparency Register system, in which it is registered, with involved parties and stakeholders. It follows the approval processes of legislative proposals in the European Parliament and then helps or initiates the transposition in accordance with set terms. AIAS also assists local institutions with the adoption of the changes into national legislation.

During many activities at the EU level, AIAS closely consults with the Permanent Representation of the Slovak Republic to the EU with different political as well as independent professional platforms.

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